EZ Spot UR makes it EZ!  Innovative high-quality industrial attachments for handling trees, rocks, barrels and pole setters and rotating forks.


EZ Spot UR Products

The Pot Handler
The Pot Handler EZ-0020
Rock and Tree Handler
The Rock & Tree Handler EZ-2010
Pole Setter
Pole Setter EZ-0008
HD Pole Setter
HD Pole Setter EZ-HD08
Rotating Forks
Rotating Forks EZ-0018
Barrel Handler
Barrel Handler EZ-0002
Pole Setter
Tactical Tools
HD HD Pole Setter
HD HD Pole Setter EZ-HD88
Rock and Brush Grapple
Rock & Brush Grapple EZ-0007
Rock and Root Pick
Rock & Root Pick EZ-0012
Blade Tool
Blade Tool EZ-0060
Excavator EZ-001X
Hitch Tool
Hitch Tool EZ-0011

Clamping Fork Tool EZ-1015

Pole Jack EZ-PJ001

Utility Claw EZ-0005

Speed Bagger EZ-0013

Rail Tool EZ-0016

Compact Utility Rotator EZ-00CR

Specialty Attachments

Specialty Bold-On Mounds
Tactical Vehicle Attachment BCAT-01-003
Tactical Vehicle Attachment
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