EZ Spot UR makes it EZ!  Innovative high-quality industrial attachments for handling trees, rocks, barrels and pole setters and rotating forks.


The EZ SPOT UR HEAVY DUTY POLE SETTER is designed to handle big, heavy utility poles up to 45 feet long. With the Heavy Duty Pole Setter, the operator can pick up a pole on the ground, or on a trailer, and rotate up to the vertical. At this point the operator can easily position the pole the way he wants, without any effort, and with a complete security.

The ‘BIG BERTHA’ offers a 115 degree rotation. It opens to 20.5 inches and closes down to 5 inches (0 inches with optional inserts), and assures quick and easy loading, unloading, pulling or setting of 45 foot UTILITY POLES. The HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE POLE CLAW eliminates the need for cranes, slings, and man-hours. The Rubber lining prevents damage, and the second sequencing claw allows for precision setting.


• Fit all the Skid Steers equipped with the Universal Quick’Tach.
• Rotates to 115 degrees .
• Designed with 2 independent jaws that open and close one after another for more security and safety.
• Designed with a double cylinder rotating plate for more stability and precision.
• Made of 1/2 inch steel grade 80 or higher.
• Comes standard with rubber lining to protect the pole.
• The clamping is activated by two 3’’ X 6’’ cylinders.
• The backing plate is designed to carry the pole above the skid steer to facilitate the pole transportation and reduce
   the natural movement of the pole.
• Comes complete with flush faced coupler, spring hose mount and wiring harness
• Can be adapted to Excavator, Wheelloader, Telehandlers and Backhoes.

Faster, and more precise than a crane, the EZ SPOT UR HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE POLE CLAW, also call the ‘BIG BERTHA’ will allow the operator to reach places that were before not permitted with a digger derrick truck.

The Heavy Duty Pole Setter is currently being used in the following industries:
• Utilities
• Rural Electric Associations
• Electrical Contractors
• Mining
• Oil
• Foundations
• Government
• Parks and Recreations
• Piling and Shoring
• Boring and Drilling
• Fencing
• Wind Tower Installation
• Solar Panel Installation
• Electric Cooperatives

Cost Effective, Efficient, Faster, and able to go places that a Digger Derrick cannot!

KDM Construction from Louisiana pulled 48 poles and reset 48 poles with cross ties in a single 8 hour period after the Arkansas ice storm. “The Pole Setter is easier to use than Digger Derrick,” Gene Kenney, foreman for KDM Construction. With the heavy duty pole setter on a skid steer you can out-perform a Digger Derrick truck. It will go places a Digger Derrick will not, it’s more effective, its easier to maintain and will do the job that a Digger Derrick cannot.

With the proper attachments you can set poles, dig holes, clear debris, cut brush and when you are done with it, it’s easy to sell. The EZ-Spot-UR Pole Setter makes a skid steer a super Digger Derrick at a fraction of the cost of a real one. Why waste your money when time is important? The EZ-Spot-UR will help you get the job done. A Digger Derrick stuck in the mud will only cost you time and money and waste valuable crew man hours.

Making Believers Out of Utilities

The local utility contracted Griffith Excavation to help remove the sheered poles and replace them. With eight employees, and two skid steer loaders equipped with EZ Spot UR’s pole-setting claw attachments, Ken Griffith replaced 800 d poles near Bison and Buffalo South Dakota in about 20 days. The local electric cooperative amassed crews
totaling about 100 workers. Using conventional trucks and equipment, they replaced 500 poles in the same amount
of time, Griffith said.

“The best they got done was 12 poles in a day,” Griffith said. “Our best was 51 in a day. Officials from the power
cooperative eventually pulled six of their crews off the job, realizing that Griffith’s approach was much faster and cost
effective,” Griffith said. “We never had one problem during the entire job,” Griffith said. “The (EZ Spot UR) pole setters are bullet proof.”  Griffith said he bought five more of EZ Spot UR’s pole-setters and resold them to the local power cooperative and another utility company. “With the skid-steers and EZ Spot UR’s attachments, we made believers out of a lot of people,” Griffith said.

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